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Diagnostic supervision

your machinery life

Diagnostics to alert you when you need to take into account the condition of specific parts when scheduling production and maintenance activities…

Machinery diagnostics

unexpected failures

Analysing machine malfunctions you can fix minor issues before they cause considerable damage…

Cut down the cost
of machine ownership

With HI VIB machine diagnostics systems you can minimise machine and equipment
maintenance cost…

Machine lifetime cycle

Plan machine life cycle
schedule maintenance downtime

Schedule maintenance downtime of your machinery yourself, only when necessary…

Business solutions

Machinery diagnostics

Machinery diagnostics

When operating rotating machinery, the vibroacoustic diagnostics is a perfect tool to assess the technical condition and identify sources of dynamic forces.

Shaft alignment

Alignment of machine shafts

Precise laser alignment of machine shafts ensures much longer life of bearings, seals and other operating parts.

thermal imaging

Thermal imaging

With a thermal imaging camera, it is possible to detect the areas in machines and equipment with improper temperature.

Geometry checks

Geometry checks

Measurements of straightness and flatness with laser are considered to be the most accurate methods. Since the laser beam does not deflect, the measurements are reliable and repeatable.

Diagnostic monitoring

Dignostic monitoring

Systematic monitoring of a large number of machines with statistical methods of condition assessment enables considerable reduction of the cost of diagnostics.

Balancing machines

Balancing machinery rotors

Balancing machinery rotors in their bearings is the best method to eliminate dynamic imbalance and related vibrations.

We reduce the operating costs of machinery

Biuro Hi Vib Machinery Diagnostics