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Vibroacoustic machinery diagnostics

„If anything can go wrong – it will” Murphy’s law

Why now?

We often laugh at Murphy’s laws, but as life shows, they are true. If something is supposed to fail, it will, at the worst possible time. Big job to do? Plan to meet? Are you off schedule? There you are! A part fails that not only ruins your plans but also costs you a lot of time and money.

Machinery diagnostics

Hindsight is always better than foresight, they say. It is true. We have seen many machine failures causing considerable financial loss. We are convinced that most of them might have been prevented. If you want to minimise your machinery downtime and maximise its uptime, contact our representative for a solution that is best to your business.

In short: Prevention is better than cure!

With Hi-Vib Machinery Diagnostics you get:

  1. no unexpected breakdowns;
  2. maintenance shut down as scheduled;
  3. lower maintenance cost;
  4. smaller inventory of spares.

We look forward to doing business with you

Business solutions:

  • accurate knowledge of the present machine wear status;
  • setting the date of necessary repair (even a few months in advance);
  • notifying you immediately of any faults detected;
  • balancing rotors, adjusting belt tensioning, aligning shafts and performing other measurements and geometry checks in your machinery;
  • accurate identification failure causes;
  • minimising repeating failures;
  • guarantee of extended machine life.

We reduce the operating costs of machinery