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Diagnostic monitoring

Systematic monitoring of a large number of machines with statistical methods of condition assessment enables considerable reduction of the cost of diagnostics. With vibroacoustic measurements performed regularly on a large number of machines, it is possible to considerably reduce the cost by simplifying the set of measurements needed to maintain high quality of service, simpler reports and thus increased customer benefits.

Checking stability of key characteristics of vibration signals of machinery, the machine life curve, it is possible to early detect technical issues. The maintenance staff can focus on the equipment with high probability of failure, whether worn or damaged. Such diagnostic-based system makes it possible to avoid major overhauls or unnecessary repairs or other activities, focusing the activities of maintenance personnel on the most demanding areas.

Hi Vib completes diagnostics implementation projects, starting from making a list of critical machinery, by choosing the right measuring equipment, compiling smart databases and then continues with regular measurements, analyses of results and creating equipment health reports.