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Monitor your machinery based on its actual condition

Our main focus is on the monitoring of the entire life cycle of a machine, from starting up to the repair (replacing the entire unit).

Life cycle of the machine
    1. machine start up: we evaluate the installation and functioning of the machine against valid standards;
    2. wear-in: machine nominal ratings are identified and its zero condition is determined
    1. trouble-free operation: we check all operating parameters of the machine (noise, vibration, cavitation, condition of bearings, meshing, loads etc.) to identify potential issues immediately;
    2. malfunctions: we analyse and eliminate malfunctions (rotor imbalance, misalignment, geometry issues, lubrication problems) before they cause serious damage
    1. trouble-free operation limit: we identify the beginning of machine degradation and notify you of the need to take its condition into account when planning your production and maintenance schemes to achieve optimised performance;
    2. increased wear: we determine the deadline for repair;
    3. repair or disposal: we ensure that you get most of your machine, to keep the cost at minimum and maximise its uptime

Proven diagnostics methods

  • we carry out regular measurements (on monthly basis) and diagnostics of machinery based on vibration spectrum analysis;
  • we monitor and evaluate stability of machine-specific parameters in time, presenting them in a life cycle curve;
  • we analyse in detail:
    • the condition of rolling and sliding bearings (play, cup, cone and cage condition, health of rolling components, lubrication and contamination degree);
    • condition of rotors (imbalance, collisions, deformation);
    • condition of electric motors (health of windings, rotors, bearings, field asymmetry);
    • condition of couplings (damage, misalignment);
    • condition of belt transmissions (belt tensioning, pulley alignment);
    • condition of meshing i gears.